We know that not all of our clients are born models! If you are nervous about how to pose for your upcoming vacation photography session, do not be. We have some simple poses for the photo shoot that anyone can replicate.
The best advice on how to pose for vacation photos is to be natural, have fun with it, and let your personal photographer guide you. Your photographer will suggest and show a variety of poses during the photo shoot. However, we suggest you get inspired yourself and choose some key poses to try. 

Below we have listed some fun tips and ideas that will help you shine and enjoy the results.
Poses can feel awkward, and that’s normal! If you do not get in front of the camera often, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to feel silly or awkward during a photo shoot. If a pose feels awkward when you are photographing it, that does not mean it looks awkward – on the contrary, many of the awkward poses turn out to be the best shots
If you approach the photo shoot with an open mind and with the goal of having fun, you’ll be thrilled with the results. Your vacation photographer will guide you through your travel photo shoot by guiding you and suggesting poses that fit both your style and the location of the photo shoot. However, there are some simple dos and donts that can help you pose more confidently. You should know the following tips before the photo shoot:
What to do with your hands
One of the most common problems when posing is the question: where should I put my hands? Once people are in front of the camera, it’s like they never realized they had hands before. When you pose alone, the hands become these unnatural appendages and it’s hard to know where to place them! The most important thing is to keep your hands loose – do not clench them and avoid showing the backs of your hands. Make sure your hands are placed naturally, but with intention. Do not just let your hands hang apartment at your sides, try to
Place them on your hips
Cross your arms
Keep your hands in front of your body
Hold the opposite elbow and let the other hand hang down
Play with your hair
Blocking the sunlight from your face
Raise your hands in the air
You lean on a table/surface and hold your face with one hand
Hold a prop such as a hat, flowers, a cup of coffee, a handbag, sunglasses, etc
If you feel unsure about hand placement, it always helps to practice in front of a mirror! Take inspiration from our Instagram page or other sources and practice some hand positions before the shoot to feel extra comfortable in front of the camera. Finally, make sure your hands are moisturized and your nails are clean so they look great in front of the camera

Add movement to your poses
Another great tip for your family vacation photos, couple photos, or individual photos is to add some movement. Walk, hop, twirl, jump – have fun and move around! This will make the photos look fun and natural. It will always evoke a genuine laugh that looks fantastic on camera. Adding natural movement to your family, couple or individual poses can loosen you up in front of the camera and create unique moments for the photographer to capture. Here are a few ideas for movements:
Walk toward the camera, smile and look to the side
Turn on the spot and laugh. Pose as a couple, dance and twirl around each other while smiling and looking at each other
Take a big step forward and swing your arms naturally to strike a pose in mid-motion
Walk away from the photographer and look back. This is great for single or couple poses
One of our favorite poses with kids is to have them run toward the camera
Ignore the camera
We know this is easier said than done! But the best way to capture the best, most genuine moments on your family vacation is to ignore the camera. A few photos of you or your family looking at the camera are great for a beautiful new Christmas card, portrait or profile photo. However, if you want a more natural, authentic feel to some of your photos, try some poses where you are looking into the distance